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My Top 10 uses for a Flour Sack Towel

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Here is a little video on the story behind my flour sack towels!

Flour Sack Tea Towels are my absolute favorite! They are not as thick as traditional dish towels and not as thin as cheesecloth. They are in between, which makes them perfect for kitchen uses, as well as other things too.

1. Gift Wrap. Eco-friendly, plus two gifts-in-one!

Ditch the store gift wrap (it’s overpriced anyway!) and wrap up your treats with these flour sack towels. Try different origami ways to showcase the patterns. Perfect for wrapping up a bottle of olive oil and tucking in a bamboo spoon. Or wrap up that yummy bottle of wine for the host. How about a great cookbook wrapped in a towel for the chef you love? One of my favorite ways to gift a loaf of delicious homemade bread is to tie it up with a flour sack towel with some twine.

Host Gift: A bottle of wine wrapped up in a gorgeous flour sack towel

Chef's gift: Olive oil wrapped up in a flour sack towel with bamboo spoon

Neighbor Gift: Wrap up a loaf of homemade bread in a flour sack towel

2. Perfect for drying Glassware!

Hands-down, these flour sack towels dry glasses are THE BEST. No streaks or lint. They are made from thin cotton yarn and a looser weave, so it makes for a towel that's extra absorbent. That thin cotton weave also means no lint or fuzzies on your glassware.

Flour Sack Towels are the BEST for drying dishes!
3. Keep your food warm

Flour sack towels can be used to keep bread rolls warm while being served without them becoming soggy. They keep out the condensation while keeping in the heat, and your baskets look beautiful with these flower-designed towels.

4. Spruce up that Dinner Table

They are perfect the way they are now to display on your table with a few folds or even wrap up your silverware and put it right on the dinner plate. And if you have a sewing machine (or know someone who does - thank you, Grandma Joyce!), you could make your own.

4. Bread Rise...

For all the bakers who love to bake bread, having these flour sack towels is perfect to lay over your dough while it’s rising (plus no lint left behind!)

Flour Sack Towels are perfect for a bread rise - no lint!
6. Keep your produce fresh

No more paper towels! Just wash your fruits and vegetables and dry them with these lint-free flour sack towels. Your leafy greens will remain crisp, fresh, and delicious in that salad a few days later. How about Preserving herbs? Wrap the towel, slightly dampened, around your herbs before placing them into a reusable bag. The moisture from the towels will keep the herbs fresh for longer.

7. Chilled Wine in 30 minutes!

My mom told me about this trick, and it’s amazing! Have you ever bought home a bottle of white wine and wanted to have a glass, but it wasn’t chilled? Get a flour sack towel damp (run under water and squeeze), wrap tight around a bottle, and put in the freezer for 30 minutes. That’s it! You are ready for your delicious glass of vino!

Chill your white wine in 30 minutes with a damp flour sack towel
8. Favorite Pie Rolling Trick

Have you ever had stubborn pie crust that you needed to transfer onto a dish? Take your flour sack towel and lay it over your dough, flip it over, gently fold it in half, and then into fourths. Transfer into a pie dish and slowly open it back up. Easy Peasy. Plus, rolling out your pie dough (or cookie dough) can be a breeze by placing your towel on top of your dough and then rolling over it.

9. Adds beautiful décor to a kitchen

Perfect for hanging over the oven door or cabinet. Change out your towels to always have a little pop of color and flowers in your kitchen.

10. Your retired Flour Sack Towels only get better with age!

With all these uses, your beloved towel will eventually be worn out. But then they make perfect rags for polishing, staining wood, cleaning windows, dusting, removing stains, and so much more. Flour Sack towels only get softer with age.

Some of the photos in my Top 10 Blog Posts are from older designs. The more current designs are larger, with some new themes added.


If you want to add to your flour sack towel collection or have yet to try flour sack towels in your kitchen, check out my towels here. All were designed from my watercolor paintings of flowers.

I would love to know your favorite way to use these amazing flour sack towels! Let me know in the comments, and I will add it to the list.

xo Andrea

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4 commentaires

Roslind Sherman
Roslind Sherman
17 janv. 2023

You have such great ideas... When I give them as gifts ...It’s so hard for me to chose and part with them ( HAHA) I love them so much. xoxoxox


20 déc. 2022

Que belleza todo!!! Me inspiras. Abrazos desde Argentina


02 déc. 2022

Andrea, you make everything look fantastic. The wrapped wine bottle is a super elegant hostess gift. I'm so happy that you created a new larger-sized print to highlight your beautiful flowers, plus It really adds color a pop to the towels.

Thanks for all the great tips. xoxoxox

PS ...Love your limited edition.

En réponse à

Awww thank you! It was fun wrapping them up, I love adding that little flower or herb in the creases. Aren’t the new prints fun - Like you like them! Happy Holidays ❤️🎄❤️🎄

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