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MY FAVORITE Art Supplies!

I love getting lost in art supply stores, it’s my favorite kind of shopping to do! I also love experimenting with new tools to see what kind of magic I can create. 

Acrylic Paints

I am crazy about Nova Color Paint - it's a soft body type of acrylic, that is so creamy and heavenly to paint with. It's a US-based company that does not ship outside of the states, and they do have a minimum purchase (they also sell gesso and matt medium as well). So for my international friends, I find that Liquitex Professional soft body is the most similar to Nova Color.

Nova Color Paints (min order + no international ship) My favorite colors: 147 quinacridone magenta, 142 blue-green, 181 quinacridone violet, 120 yellow-green, 136 hot pink - but all their colors are great!

Liquitex Professional Soft Body set of 12, turquoise, magenta, violet, yellow-green, ultra-marine blue

Golden Acrylic Paints quinacridone magenta, phthalo turquoise, violet, phthalo green, cerulean blue

Liquitex Basics (great student grade) purple-gray, turquoise, ultramarine blue

Sennelier Abstract (great student grade) magenta, turquoise, purple, pink  yellow-green

Acrylic Inks + High Flow Paints

I love painting with “high flow” and “acrylic inks”. They are both fluid acrylic that I use on their own or mix in with regular bodied paint. Great for painting on paper or adding to your soft-bodied (above) paints on canvas. I use Golden White Titanium with everything! The swatch colors on Amazon do not look like the real colors - they are way more vibrant than they appear online. The ones I listed are my favorites! (Video on how to make your own below)

Golden High Flow white titanium, quinacridone magenta, phthalo turquoise, best deal: Golden High Flow Set of 10

Amsterdam Acrylic Inks turquoise, light green, cyan blue

Daler-Rowney Acrylic Inks turquoise, violet, light green, blue

Watercolor Paper

I prefer Fabriano paper, but Arches is also a great brand too. Hotpress is smooth (which I prefer), and cold press has more texture to it. I find 140lb to be a perfect weight to make journals out of, and also great to handling lots of mixed media + collage.

Fabriano hot press 140lb (9x12 pad) or Arches hot press 140lb (10x14 pad)

Student Grade (more affordable) Fabriano Hot Press Watercolor Pad

Watercolor Paints

Prima Watercolor Confections Watercolor Pans

Ranger Dylusions Creative Sketchbook

They come in a variety of sizes, I like the square one as it’s not too big and not too small! The paperweight is great and you can put loads of mixed media, collage, paint, water on the pages. There is an envelope in the front for all those fun pieces of paper and bits of ephemera you may want to save and use later in your journal.

Square 8x8

Large 9x11

Small 8x5

Water-Soluble Crayons

These pastel crayons that are water soluble are so versatile - use them wet or dry. They can also be used on watercolor paper or canvas. I love these the best! Make sure they are II's as those are water soluble, the I's are not. Loads of color options in the sets.

Caran D'Ache Neo Color IIs Set of 15 

Caran D'Ache Neo Color IIs Set of 30 
nother option to Neo IIs are the Woodys, they are bigger, but are just as fun!

Stabilo 3-in-1 Woody Wax Crayons 

Colored Pencils

Caran D'Ache Supracolor Watercolor Pencils Set of 30

Paint Pens

I love paint pens - Posca is my favorite because of color choices like Lilac, Aqua Green, Light Blue, Apple Green!

Posca Marker Set fine

Posca Marker Set medium

Posca Pastel 7 piece fine

White + Black Pens

Faber-Pitt and Micron pens are my go-to pens for journaling and drawing. I love that they are waterproof so I paint with watercolors on top, or even use the pens on top of watercolor and not worry about smearing or bleeding through.

Faber-Pitt Castell Set of 4 (black)

Micron Set of 6 (black)

I love these white pens for adding lines and details to my art journal, they write so smoothly on top of acrylic inks or watercolor!

Uni-Ball Signo Gel Pen (white)

If you feel like shopping from any of the links I just want you to know that as an affiliate I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases, so I can buy more art supplies and continue to create art videos and tutorials!

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How to make your own fluid inks (acrylic inks)

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