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Acrylic Painting, Mixed Media + Collage

“Only from the heart can you touch the sky”  Rumi


I am a bit heart crazy and love painting hearts in my work, sometimes hidden and sometimes visible. I also love looking for heart rocks on my walks, or just finding random heart shapes wherever I go. I feel like it’s a bit of magic when I find them!

My winged heart piece is symbolic for a few reasons, to me, it’s expressing my freedom to love, wings to soar with whatever or whomever I love as well as allowing my heart to always be open. One of my favorite quotes from the poet Rumi is “Only from the heart can you touch the sky”. Isn’t that amazing? So simple and perfect.

Join me as I walk you through this “Wings of Love” class step-by-step, and at any time feel free to change up the color palette or create your shapes. The most important thing is to let that creative spirit soar when you are playing with all the papers, pencils, and paint!

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About this Class

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Acrylic Painting

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Suggested Art Supply List

Please know that it is not my intention for you to purchase all the supplies! You may have a lot of these already, and I always suggest that you use your favorites supplies on hand. And, always stay true to the colors that you love. All my lessons can easily be done in a color palette of your choosing. I am listing options for supplies as well – some are more expensive than others so I want to make sure you know that there are different brands out there for the same thing. 

9x11 Fabriano hot press watercolor paper 140lb. – for the backgrounds
Drawing or sketchbook paper – for the collage letter
8x10 cradle board as known as a wooden panel

Acrylic Inks or High flow fluid paint: I use these the same way and will be calling any of the fluid paint “inks”. The colors in the videos are in italics. I only use a few drops! So no need to buy any new colors if you already have some inks.

Acrylic Inks: Daler Rowney Purple

High Flow Acrylics: Golden High Flow Phthalo Turquoise, Golden High Flow White Titanium

***Starter High Flow Set

Homemade Fluid Acrylics: Blue, Red, Pink
Recipe: 1/3 regular acrylic paint, 1/3 water, 1/3 (50% matte medium + 50% water) – mix together!

There is a video in class on how to make your own as well as bottom of my Favorite Art Supplies page.

Collage papers - variety of art papers (I’m using ones mostly in the pink shades) find in art stores, or make you own.


Variety of sponge brushes
Small paint brush
Scissors (preferably small for wings)
White Paint Pen – thin, or fine point
Xacto knife or box cutter
Palette paper (or scrap paper)
Yes Paste or Matte Medium (Modge Podge will also work fine)
Heavy ruler or straight edge
Variety of colored pencils
Sealer – Matte varnish (optional)
Mixed Media drawing tools – Neo Colors II, wax crayons, colored pencils – anything you like!

Love letter or poem

If you feel like shopping from any of the links I just want you to know that as an affiliate I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases, so I can buy more art supplies and continue to create art videos and classes!

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