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Are you looking for a couple of hours of fun?
To get messy and play with yummy art supplies? 
Be part of a community that encourages and inspires one another?

Look no further! Create + Play is not your typical step-by-step zoom class, but more of an experience. 

If you like my Facebook or Instagram Lives, you will love these sessions as they are much more interactive.

Each session is on Zoom and recorded (whether you turn on your camera or not!) 

The next best thing to being together in person is to be Live online with each other.

Holding Up I Love You_Andrea Garvey.jpg
3 heart canvases looking up_Andrea Garvey.jpg
You Fill My Heart with Happy_Andrea Garvey.jpg

"Be My Valentine"​

Replay - Instant Access!

These sweet canvases are perfect for giving to a loved one, Galentine, teacher, friend, or even for yourself.


I’ll be painting on three different-sized canvases with acrylic paints and then adding details with paint pens. Also, I’ll show you how to hang yours with a beautiful ribbon so that you are ready to give the gift of art for Valentine's.


2.5 hour class
Lifetime Access

Art Supplies (there is an art supply video in the free preview of the classroom as well)

Choose any color palette you want for your heart + lettering. I am painting with a variety of colors to show you some fun color combo options.

4x45x56x6 small square canvas (paint just one or multiples - any size you like!)

Flat or angle brushes – small and medium is great

King Art 1/2 Flat Brush

King Art 4 Pack variety set

Affordable Angled Shader Variety Pack

Colored pencils for sketching in design

I am using Nova Color Paint (any brand will do!)

Titanium White, Portrait Tone (or cream), Fluorescent Magenta, Dioxazine Violet, Blue Green, Pyrrole Red
Optional: Translucent red or pink for some cool layering

Great set of Liquitex Paint in fantastic colors

Tip: Glazing Medium will make your paints more transparent.

Paint Pens

I am using a bunch of colors in Posca in 1m and 3m sizes.
White, Lilac, Violet, Red, Light Blue, Pink

Posca 8 pack 1m

Posca 8 pack 3m Pastel Colors

Posca 8 Pack 3m Red Colors

Molotow Chrome Silver

Molotow Chrome Silver Set of 3 Sizes

Ribbon (a variety, not too thick)

Gorgeous velvet + satin ribbon I show in class!

Eye Screw Hook



Optional: matte medium or matte varnish to coat


If you feel like shopping from any of the links, I want you to know that as an affiliate, I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases, so I can buy more art supplies and continue to create art videos and tutorials!

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