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I combined my favorite things – art and flowers into this mini online course. It’s all about fun, playing with mixed media tools while layering in gorgeous colors, mark-making, and collage. A perfect way to have some well-deserved creative self-care. Give yourself a couple of hours to just let go, play and create some beautiful art.

It's a mixed media art course that is self-paced with lifetime access and perfect for any level no matter where
you are on your creative journey. 

About this Course

Mixed Media Art + Collage

2 Lessons + Bonus Collage Sheets


Lifetime Access

 3 Hours of Video Content

Downloadable Videos

All Levels Welcome


Greeting Cards

In our first lesson we will be making beautiful greeting cards with gorgeous color, detailed mark-making and collage elements. These are perfect to send in the mail to loved ones!

Or keep for yourself and put in a 5x7 frame. I’ll be creating 2 different cards during this lesson and all the videos will have step-by-step instruction.

Garden Party_8x10_Flowers_Andrea Garden.


8x10 Florals on Paper

We will be working larger in the 2nd lesson and adding on more layers of mixed media to create a stunning floral art piece on paper. Exploring lots

of mark making and details as well as new ways to create collage materials.
Plus, it’s the perfect size to hang up
on your gallery wall.

Collage Sheets

I created 5 collage sheets just for this class

which includes some of my floral illustrations and photos of flowers from my gardens!

These will be downloadable for you to

print at your local copy store. Feel free to use these sheets or other collage material

you may have in either lesson.

Suggested Art Supply List

Please know that it is not my intention for you to purchase all the supplies! You may have a lot of these already, and I always suggest that you use your favorites supplies on hand. And, always stay true to the colors that you love. All my lessons can easily be done in a color palette of your choosing. I am listing options for supplies as well – some are more expensive than others so I want to make sure you know that there are different brands out there for the same thing. 

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