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My Story

I followed a dream...literally.

10 years ago my beloved mother-in-law (who was also an artist and I was very close to) passed away suddenly. I had a dream 2 nights later – very vivid and extremely colorful of a painting that was full of flowers, rainbows, the ocean, and dragonflies. I started to recreate this painting for the next two months and without realizing making art soon became my therapy to get through the grieving. This led to a stirring in my soul to create, share and spread this color and joy I saw in the dream.


After a fulfilling career as a Creative Director in Corporate America, I decided to pursue that dream of becoming a full-time working artist. I felt it was a true calling and have never looked back. Now I am busy teaching online art classes for everyone around the world, as well as building up a creative community. Inspiring others through color and joy to tap into their creativity and see the magic in that superpower!


My favorite art mediums that I love to use are acrylics and watercolor paints. My paintings are a blend of abstract art and realism, and my technique is one of a fluid, intuitive style. Many layers are created by lines and marks, as well as various tools and paints. I love to draw, paint and create colorful art every day. I am happiest getting lost in the process of the details and layers that make up my art. I work with colors that make me happy - reminiscent of the beauty that is all around us. Just everyday simple beauty. Orange and pink, turquoise and red, lime and lavender. They are magical when painted together.


I currently live in Santa Cruz, CA with my husband, 3 boys, and our sweet dog Scout, and cat Basil. The sea is an endless source of wonder and imagination for me which is probably why my favorite color is blue. While the mild seasons by the beach give me an endless amount of floral inspiration from all the beautiful gardens. I feel like I am living my dream and grateful to be able to share my passion with you.

Andrea Garvey Studio standing.jpg
Anna Dream Full_Andrea Garvey.jpg

When I had this dream there was a blank space in the middle that I didn't fill in until the end. Rosie, Anna's best friend of 50 years looked at it and told me about a poem she wrote for her in the 70's. I thought it was perfect to go in this empty space. What's crazy about this painting is that when I was finished I put it away, went on with my life working and raising a family. Years later, well into my art journey I looked at it again and saw so many similarities in my artwork today. The color choices, the whimsical flowers, and the heart wings at the top. This dream of 10 years ago is still so valuable in my life today, I haven't stopped making art since that night and I know I never will. Creativity is my superpower, and a guiding force in almost everything I do.

Anna Dream_Butterfly_Andrea Garvey.jpg
Anna Dream_Wings_Andrea Garvey.jpg
Anna_Grandkids_Andrea Garvey.jpg
Anna_Dream_Bee_Andrea Garvey.jpg

Anna loved bright colors, the beach, rainbows, Hawaii, flowers, butterflies, and bees, and she especially loved her 11 grandchildren.

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