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This beautiful online art course is inspired by my love of roses and peonies. Their gorgeous blooms always leave me with enough inspiration to create some beautiful magic. The combination of circular, round shapes with rich layers of petals are so much fun to use as a starting point for exploring composition, mark-making, and style. This course has 3 different art lessons as well as some bonus material on finding inspiration for your art.

It's a mixed media art course that is self-paced with lifetime access and perfect for any level no matter where you are in your creative journey. 

About this Course

Acrylic Painting

Mixed Media

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Lifetime Access

3 Lessons

5+ Hours of Content

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LESSON 1 Handmade Journal

A bouquet of roses opening up, compact ranunculus buds, or big fluffy blooms of peonies. The layers of petals seem endless and inviting, and this will be the starting point for our creative muse.


In our first lesson we will be making a handmade art journal, small enough to take with you on some garden walks or to keep in your bag so you are ready to create when inspiration strikes! Art journals are a great way to stay loose and experiment with new techniques or art supplies. We will fill our pages with beautiful colors, detailed mark-making and collage elements.

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Mounted Florals on Wooden Panel

In our 2nd lesson we will creating a mixed media piece on watercolor paper and then mount on a wooden cradle board for a polished look and feel. Pick your color palette from one of the art journal spreads, or use mine to follow along. 

We will be painting a little floral art explosion by building up the petals with paints, pencils and wax crayons, while using collage pieces to add on depth and color saturation.

Blooming Bouquet on Canvas

In this lesson we will paint a beautiful bouquet flowing with rounded floral shapes on a canvas that will be rich in color and detail. So many gorgeous layers of color, mark-making and rich details.


We will be primarily painting with acrylic paints while mixing in some acrylic inks as well. Staying loose with our brush strokes in the beginning and then fine tuning towards the end.

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Suggested Art Supply List

Please know that it is not my intention for you to purchase all the supplies! You may have a lot of these already, and I always suggest that you use your favorites supplies on hand. And, always stay true to the colors that you love. All my lessons can easily be done in a color palette of your choosing. I am listing options for supplies as well – some are more expensive than others so I want to make sure you know that there are different brands out there for the same thing. 

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