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Colorful Joy art supply list

It is not my intention to purchase all the supplies - you may have a lot of these already, and I suggest you use your favorite supplies on hand. And always stay true to the colors that you love. All my lessons can easily be done in a color palette of your choosing. Also, some supplies are more expensive than others - there are different brands and many substitutes for the same thing. You can do any of my classes with basic painting supplies!

Good news: For any King Art Supplies purchased on their website, you use my code: ANDREAGARVEY10 for an additional 10% off. Includes sale items too, just not a few highly discounted items. 


11x14" Preferably Deep-Sided Canvas 1-1/2”

(I like the canvases better at Blick, King Art, or your local art supply store. If you want to get a regular-sided canvas then Amazon has plenty to choose from)

Acrylic Paints | Assorted Colors

Different brands I like: Nova Color or Liquitex Soft Professional

Acrylic Inks | 1 or 2 Warm and Cool Colors (see my favorite colors below)

Golden High Flow, Daler Downey, Amsterdam

* or Golden Fluid High Flow paints are fine as well.

Oil Pastels | Dark Colors

* or a water-resistant wax crayon like Neo Color I is fine.

Brushes | Assorted Sizes + Shapes

* I love the round and angle shader brushes by King Art, in a variety of sizes.

Paint Pens any paint pens in your favorite color will do, I like 3m and 5m by Posca the best.

Posca Pastel Set 5m
Posca Primary Set 5m

Posca Natural Set 3m

Sketchbook or Drawing Pad 

Sketchbook Pens I like:

Faber-Castell Pitt (I like the "S") Micron (I like the 05)


Since I filmed the class, Stencilgirl Product Stencils are now my favorite, but there are lots of options out there! You can also make your own.


Sponge Brush | Assorted Sizes

Spray Bottle water


Paper Towels or Baby Wipes

*Viva paper towels are great!


Matte Varnish Spray | Optional (if you want to varnish your piece afterwards)


Andrea’s Favorite Colors:

Acrylic Ink Colors

Daler-Rowney Inks:

Flame Orange


Paynes Gray

Light Green

Acrylic Golden Fluid High Flow

Titanium White (4oz) - I use this the most!

Quinacridone Magenta


Acrylic Paint Colors from Nova Color

Hot Pink

Blue Green

Organic Pyrrole Orange

since this class I also LOVE these colors:

Quinacridone Magenta

Dioxidine Violet

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