This acrylic painting online art course was inspired by my love of elephants and colorful mark making!
It is self-paced with lifetime access and perfect for any level no matter where you are in your creative journey. 

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My style of painting is a little bit abstract meets whimsy somewhere in the middle! I LOVE painting in layers full of mark-making and rich details. Add in some beautiful color and let the magic unfold. In this course I will show you how I build up my canvas along with some favorite tips and tricks I love to share.

This painting course is for all levels of creatives; either starting out or for those who are interested brushing up on some fun painting techniques. There is guided instruction throughout the journey through video instruction and lesson overviews.

About this Course
 Acrylic Painting
Mark-making + Layering
Great for all levels
Video instruction
Lifetime access
Downloadable content
Bonus: Art printable 


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​• Set the intentions for your painting right from the start
• Create movement with ink flow for create vibrant color
• Lots of fun mark making techniques
• Stenciling for pattern play
• Transfer PDF from provided elephant template
• Lots of instructions for creating gorgeous eyes and adornments.
• 4 hours of videos delivered in bite size chunks so you can paint one layer at a time.
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Student Work!
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"Love, love, LOVE this class! Thanks so much - Barbara S.
"This was so much fun, I can't wait to see what other whimsical creatures I can create. Thank you for making this fun!" - Nan J.
"This is my first painting ever is actually finished I love your class, your inspiration! Thank you so much for sharing your joy! Can’t wait to do another, my head is spinning with ideas!" - Leslie S.
"Thank you for another great class! I felt more confident and comfortable working on my Whimsical Elephants using the skills learned in this class and from the Colorful Joy class." - Julie W.
"Thank you for another wonderful painting class!" - Barbara I.