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Replay is now available with Instant Access to the class! Woo-Hoo!

Let's make our boards TOGETHER and manifest our dreams LIVE on zoom this year.
I am excited to share all the tips + tricks as I make my 2023
Vision Board, aka Dream Board, 
while you create yours alongside me. Or sit back, grab a cupp
a, and watch.

There's nothing better than dreaming up new ideas and goals on a Vision Board!
It's one of my favorite things to do, especially in the New Year.

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A Vision Board or Dream Board is a collection of pictures, words, and phrases designed to inspire you towards a particular goal or desire and help you visualize your dreams linked to the Law of Attraction: attracting into your life what you are focusing on.   

This Vision Board Zoom class is full of tips and tricks to get you started, so you will be well on your way to manifesting your dreams coming true by the time you are finished!

Also included in this class is my review of  Word of the Year, plus a list of beautiful words to choose from in case you are looking for one as well + a list of resources that I found very useful as I learn all about manifesting, visualizing, and attracting what I want into my life!

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Rings_Vision Board 2022_Andrea Garvey.jpg

I will be working on mine while explaining all about how amazing vision boarding and manifesting have been for me and my business. You can sit back and watch me or create one at the same time!


• Good stack of magazines you want to cut up!

• Anything you’ve been saving that you want to add to your board (magazine cuttings or quotes that you have)

• Laser copies of photos (not ink jet)

• Scissors

• Glue (matte medium, tape, or glue sticks)

• Permanent or waterproof markers (optional)

• Thick paper, cheap canvas, and even cardboard works!


*** I like to buy a large picture frame (Target, Homegoods) and use the backing board to add my cut-outs, then I pop it back in the frame and hang in my art area!


The additional videos and notes in the classroom are from 2022, and they are a great resource for more information! And you can get started in those lessons anytime!

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