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What do dahlias and Barbie have in common?

Answer: Color, Joy + Inspiration

Check out this quick little video to see the latest bouquet from this week - all my dahlias are starting to come up, and I would say about a third still have to bloom, but they are almost ready as I see tons of buds on the plants. I am so inspired by their colors, petals and shapes. I always want to sketch and paint them. I love cutting new bouquets and giving them away as fast as they grow because I can't keep up as I have 38 plants in the garden (down three from a nasty gopher!)

I went to see the movie Barbie with my girlfriend, Melissa, and her daughter Abigail. We all wore pink (along with many other people going to see it!). It was fun, lighthearted but with a powerful message. I laughed the most during the Ken dance-off – hysterical. I loved a lot of the characters, and the movie just made me happy. And seriously, I cannot stop singing “In a Barbie World”.

Also my “no fancy pants” watercolor class, The English Garden, this past Saturday was so fun – I really enjoyed myself, and it sounds like my students did too. The replay + high-definition recordings are now available – same price and a super great deal at only $20.

Have a beautiful + creative week ahead!


PS. Here's a NY Times interesting article about the amazing director, Greta Gerwig!

Congratulations to Greta on reaching $1 billion – the first female director to do so.

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