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Watercolors + Spring Flowers

Despite a busy work week I did manage to get in some more watercolor painting (tulips of course) and my Echium plants are finally in bloom in the garden which makes me SO happy I had to share! Bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds are in heaven - buzzing and darting around drinking up all the yumminess! Whenever I need a bit of inspiration I just go wander around these bushes.

Most of these bushes are self-sown volunteers, and they are huge - all over 8ft tall. I did buy the small regular varieties at a nursery many years ago including an amazing bright blue one from Annies Annuals that my hubby chopped down as he thought it was a big weed (he will never make that mistake again!)

This was taken while the sun was setting, so most bees are in bed! Just gorgeous. I can't get enough!

Even though I had a busy work week I managed to get some more watercolors in. This painting started in my FB Creative Community during our Saturday Lives, and then I continued painting layers on it on Sunday.

Playing around with Mission Watercolors, Prima Watercolors, Wildthorne, and some misc tubes I have on hand in a bowl. My favorite colors at the moment! Mission by Mijello; Bright Opera and Rose Madder

Prima Tropical; Sunset and Reef

Wildthorne; Tree Alchemy Set - all the colors.

What I love the most about this piece are actually the cropped versions that show the gorgeous colors and details.

It's a great way to see what you like, and maybe it will be an inspiration for a larger painting - even one in a different medium like acrylic inks.

Keep creating, one beautiful step at a time!


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