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Lady Mary - Delicious Cocktail Recipe

This is such a great cocktail for the holidays - it's bubbly and fun.

My mom shared this recipe with me after she went to a

Downton Abby dinner party a few years ago. Now, whenever she comes to visit we make them. I also have started this tradition for my book group Christmas party, and everyone seems to love them!

And…be warned, Limoncello is quite strong. The bottle I had was 28% alcohol.

Limoncello is made from the zest of lemons and usually has a slightly turbid appearance, which originates from the presence of small essential oil droplets suspended in the drink. is an Italian lemon liqueur mainly produced in Southern Italy.

Limoncello is made by steeping lemon zest (peels) in highly concentrated ethanol or vodka until oil is released, then mixing the resulting yellow liquid with simple syrup. Its alcohol content varies—especially among homemade varieties—but is usually measured somewhere in the 25-30% range.

(source: Wikipedia)

The Recipe:

What you need:



Prosecco (sparkling wine)


My mom’s instructions:

Prep glasses first

Coat lemon around the rim.

In a shallow dish add some sugar, put the glass upside down to coat the top

(best part really!)

Add one tablespoon of squeezed fresh lemons

About an 1” to 11/2” of limoncello

Fill rest of flute with Prosecco

So good, so easy!

Let me know if you make these and what you think:)


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