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Creative Sessions - Art Journaling 

I am super excited about sharing my love of art journals with you over the next few Creative Sessions, my Live Zoom classes. For years I have made my journals (and, of course, also used all those yummy ones you can buy in a shop), but there is something to be said about making your own. Collecting papers, folding, and binding into a homemade journal - it just feels so good in your hands!

Remember drawing in sketchbooks when you were younger? Spending hours coloring and creating beautiful illustrations? 
I am lucky to have kept a couple and wish I had saved them all. Now, as an adult, my art journals are like my sketchbooks but with just more substance. I am layering in collage materials, writing thoughts or sweet poems. These journals are the first place I go to explore new ideas and doodle a quick sketch. They are imperfect, and that’s why I love them. Not too precious that I won’t use them (like some of those journals I bought in the shop)!

****Once you purchase the Live Zoom class or the Replay you will receive a PDF download in your email inbox.

You will find the links to the Live Zoom class, or password for a private page to view the Replay.

PLEASE check your junk or spam folder if you do not see this. 

or contact me here.

Creative Sessions  - Art Journaling with Lettering

Instant Access Replay Available

I love lettering! My first "real" job out of college was hand-lettering all the signs for an electronics store. My handwriting was the same as the owners so he hired me! Now as we become more digital, unfortunately, handwriting becomes less used. I will be sharing different techniques on how we can incorporate lettering into our journals—using paint pens, gel pens, inks and brushes, pencils, markers. Whatever you want to use to create letters is perfectly fine, as long as you have various tools to choose from.

Click here to see the suggested Art Supply List

Prep work before class:
Bring your art journal, collage materials, and any mixed media supplies you want to create with. I will list some I am using in the suggested art supplies list.

Also, bring your favorite poem, favorite quote, and a word you love.

Acrylic ink or India ink and a brush to paint letters with.

Instant Access Replay Available:

Creative Sessions - Making the Journal

What a fun class! I will take you step-by-step so you can make your own journal and prep the backgrounds.


I will also be walking you through some of my art journals for inspiration. We will trim, sew, and bind our journals together and use acrylic inks to play with some gorgeous colors as we work on the first layer. 

***if you prefer to follow along with how I make and bind the art journal, then prep your pages in one you already have – that is 100% fine! It will still be an enjoyable class to get inspired by the benefits of starting a journal practice!

Click here to see the suggested Art Supply List

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