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The Hidden Gems Collection

These small original paintings were chosen from a pile of art I had in my studio. I keep a box full of different artworks on paper. Some get torn up into collage pieces, some never get a second look, but some are hidden gems waiting for a new coat of paint or beautiful marks to be added.

Working in layers and creating new marks and lines on paintings is one of my favorite things to do in the studio between projects. Sometimes, I’ll rework canvases this way, but this time, I found a few abstracts and one from my Layered Petals course on paper.

Each piece was created on 140lb Fabriano watercolor paper with many layers of acrylic paint, inks, wax crayons, pencils, and paint pens. They are all original and signed; no prints have been made. The paintings are 5"x7", with an 8"x10" matte + backing board. 


Now, these beauties are ready to go out into the world! If one is calling your name, I'd hurry and purchase because I only have 5 available. If they are sold out before you get a chance, I am sorry. But I'm always painting and will make another Hidden Gem collection soon.

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