Top 10 Uses for a Flour Sack Towel

Flour Sack Tea Towels are my absolute favorite! They are not as thick as traditional dish towels, and not as thin as cheesecloth. They are in between which makes them perfect for kitchen uses, as well as other things too.

Chef's or Gardener's Gift: Book wrapped up with flour sack towel and some sprigs of herbs or succulents
1. Gift Wrap. Eco-friendly, plus 2 Gifts-in-One!

Ditch the store gift wrap (it’s over-priced anyway!) and wrap up your treats with these flour sack towels. Try different origami ways to showcase the patterns. Perfect to wrap up a bottle of olive oil and tuck in a bamboo spoon. Or wrap up that yummy bottle of wine for the host. How about a great cookbook wrapped in a towel for the chef you love? One of my favorite ways to gift a loaf of delicious homemade bread is to tie it up with a flour sack towel with some twine.

Chef's gift: Olive oil wrapped up in a flour sack towel with bamboo spoon

Host Gift: A bottle of wine wrapped up in a gorgeous flour sack towel

Neighbor Gift: Wrap up a loaf of homemade bread in a flour sack towel
2. Perfect for drying Glassware!

Hands-down these flour sack towels dry glasses THE BEST. No streaks or lint. They are made from thin cotton yarn and a looser weave, so it makes for a towel that's extra absorbent. That thin cotton weave also means no lint or fuzzies on your glassware.