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Part 1: The inspiration for a painting

Did you ever get an idea that was so strong you needed to pull over the car? Well, that’s what happened to me. Sometimes, but not many, a very clear image of a final painting will come to be before I start.

A few years ago I had heard a podcast from Super Soul Sunday with Oprah Winfrey, and her guest was Lynne Twist, a global activist and thought leader. I loved this episode so much I started to research her some more online, and then stumbled upon one of her Ted talks. In the presentation, she was chatting about the Bird of Humanity, and the Native American prophecy that she now calls The Sophia Century. This is where I first heard her speak about the Bird of Humanity, and I was mesmerized.

“The female wing has been un-fully extended and somewhat shy. While the male wing must flap harder to fly, it’s become over muscular and overdeveloped. It has been flying for centuries with primarily only its male wing. The prophecy says that in the 21st century the female wing will extend and express itself fully in men and women, the male energy will relax, and the bird of humanity will soar.”


I was driving while listening to her story and literally pulled over the car and had a vision in my head of what a finished painting would look like. This doesn’t happen often so when it does, I pay attention! I drew out a sketch on a scrap piece of paper and started working on it that week.

Here are a couple fun time-lapses of the early layers!

I always try and capture photos of the process when working in this style as there is so much that goes on to each layer. It changes so rapidly - always fun to go back and look!

Writing down all the thoughts and words that came to me when thinking of this story!

Early layers down and working on building up the canvas with acrylic paints.

My happy place for sure! I love seeing that dreamy palette - should have framed that!

And she's finished and ready to hang in the perfect spot!

This was all during the time of the #metoo movement when women’s voices were starting to be heard in a more profound way. Something was shifting, and the female wing was stirring.

That is how the original Bird of Humanity came to be, since then it was sold (that story in Part 2), and I produced gallery canvas wraps and silk scarves with the artwork. (I will be reordering the scarves for the Spring).

I am tickled pink about this - I just released is my new online art class, Bird of Humanity, and now you can create your very own!

(you can make any size you want, I just needed this one to fit in the camera for creating the videos!)



Lynne Twist is a global activist, fundraiser, consultant, and author — has devoted her life to bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, socially just, and spiritually fulfilled human presence on earth. Lynne is Co-Founder of The Pachamama Alliance, Bestselling Author of the Soul of Money, and President of the Soul of Money Institute. Her work has taken her around the world, where she has developed a keen understanding of the relationship of people to money: the psychology of scarcity and sufficiency.

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Roslind Sherman
Roslind Sherman

OMG ...I love the prophecy of the wing .... The fact that you were able to capture the thought process and evolution of your painting is so awe inspiring. I feel so proud to share in your

‘ Bird of Humanity “ workshop. It is indeed an GIFT that you have shared with all who are participating... You are such a BEAUTIFUL SOUL. xoxoxox



Whar an inspirational story!! So happy you created this lovely new art course, which I have already signed up for. This is my fourth class I have taken from you and I always learn so much. Thank you for all that you do. 🙏

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