New Art Supplies!

I just flew back from 10 days on the East Coast visiting my parents in Western New York. It was the first time I’ve flown since Covid, and it was definitely different. Usually when I fly back home I am off visiting my friends and going here and there, this time I was mostly low-key and enjoyed a nice chunk of quiet time. I was pampered and taken of (I will definitely miss that!).

I brought lots of work to do, and did none of it. Which happens every time I travel. It takes me a few days to let go of any “to-do” lists in my head for work and just enjoy the time in the present moment. Chatting and catching up. Taking walks. Checking out the old neighborhood and taking drives.

However I did go to Hyatts - an amazing, huge art supply store! Wow, they have everything. I bought a few things back in my suitcase...

I love making handmade journals, and found this beautiful zipper pouch for transporting them around.

I like using Fabriano watercolor hot press paper 140lb to make my journals. They come in 22"x30" sheets so I bought a couple at Hyatts (for some reason they were much cheaper than when I have found them on the West Coast). With one sheet of paper (and some math!) I made 2 small journals with no leftover pieces. It's so cute, and I can't wait to start creating in it.

Stencils - now these brushes I did not get at Hyatts, but my mom gave them to me! Yeah, I love scoring brushes from my mom because she takes such good care of them!

She also gave me a little lesson on how to stencil with them: Use a dry stencil brush, dip into paint and then rub paint off on palette paper until most of it is off - and then in a circular motion go over the stencil and pull off.

I'm finding amazing stencils at Stencil Girl products! I'd love to create one for this company - maybe in 2021!