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You will find loads of inspiration in this new class!

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creating memories from home + away

Keeping a sketchbook practice has been one of my best habits as an artist. It helped me explore new ideas that have led to incredible projects, stay disciplined in becoming a better artist, and most importantly, has been a therapeutic part of my day. I often get asked questions about my sketchbooks, so I thought it would be fun to create an online art class to share step-by-step techniques while offering lots of art advice and tips along the way, with a few "whoopsies" in there too!


I truly believe that being Creative is our Superpower. And once you tap into that energy, the world is at your fingertips. And all you need is 10-15 minutes a day! 

Want to come to paint with me in the South of France?

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Get ready for an experience of a lifetime that will be filled with inspiration and joy. Your 10 days in Gourdon, France will be a beautiful blend of colorful artmaking, inspiring excursions, cultural experiences and of course, plenty of free time to relax and explore. We will travel into the lovely countryside to paint and visit some of the most scenic towns in Southern France and spend time painting and picnicking along the Dordogne River and throughout the valley. I am beyond excited about this - imagine our journals full of painted memories?

Looking for a creative boost? Try one of my courses!


I really believe we are ALL creative in some way. I think it's our superpower, our special cape we wear, and wow has it helped me throughout the years. My art style is spontaneous and intuitive, and through my courses, I will take you every step of the way so you can follow along and apply these techniques to your work. It's all about fun and play, and I am always your biggest cheerleader. I love watching my students shine a light on their creativity.

There are no rules; it's about exploring and playing, trying new things, and pushing boundaries so we can grow as creatives. I teach everything I know - I am an open book that loves to share!

Just getting started? How about a class on me!


I take art classes to either get me out of a creative rut, learn a new technique, or just get inspired by someone else's artistic ideas. I have a few super fun, free classes in hopes of getting other people to dust off that superpower cape (tucked in with all those art supplies!) and see how a little art can ignite that magic spark. Trust me on this one, it always works!

Want to be a part of a great art community?
Live chats, inspiration, and encouragement
from my home to yours.

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Forming my Facebook Creative Community in the summer of 2020 was one of the silver linings of the Pandemic. This group started with a handful of people in the beginning (thank you to my mom and her friends for showing up!), I fumbled around with equipment to do daily live demos, and we inspired each other through a rough patch for many people.


This amazing creative community now has over 3800 members! I still host Lives and anyone can share their art and get inspired daily. The group is private (yay for no trolling!), but creative minds are always welcome to join.

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