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Holiday Cheer - Best Pie Crust Ever!

Best Pie Crust Ever Recipe!

For years I always used my mom’s pie crust recipe which is made with Crisco and is fabulous – I was the pie queen when I lived in San Francisco and would always bring one to a dinner party. Usually filled with a mixture of fresh local berries.

But then a few years ago I tried this new recipe, and in my opinion, it’s the best one I’ve ever used. The main reason is that it’s a DREAM to roll out. No falling apart. Plus it may be the flakiest one I’ve ever tasted. Secret – chilled butter!

I found this recipe in a Martha Stewart magazine.

(Sorry about the crinkles in the paper, but you should be able to see the recipe fine)

Just fill with your favorite fruits! For the top pie crust, I just beat an egg, add in a little milk, and brush on top. I love how golden the pie crusts look that way. Let me know if you try this one - I think you will love it!

I have this old binder of recipes that is overflowing and sometimes I will find notes from my notes and stick them in. This sweet one is always behind the pie crust recipe. Many moons ago but so fresh in my mind of when they were young.

Holiday Cheer this week!

Hohoho….it’s my favorite time of the year to celebrate, and I will be writing 3 blog posts (1 per week) with some holiday recipes as well as giving away fabulous prizes to boot! All you need to do to win is write a comment in this blog post. Easy Peasy.

3 prizes for this week's blog post

"Bee Joy" Apron – this exclusive apron was created just for my shop!

2 flour sack tea towels; English Cottage + Pretty Petals – so soft and absorbent

Hand-painted ornament by me:) – bright and cheerful

(I will announce the winners in next week’s post)

Hand-painted Ornaments

Pretty Petals Flour Sack Tea Towel

Good luck! And let me know if you try the pie recipe!


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efghi abcd
efghi abcd
Apr 02, 2022

thank you for your beautiful website, ideas and love.


This is the best, easiest site to navigate. Just lovely and it flows so well. I loved the martini recipe and the Martha Stewart pie crust, crinkled pages and all. Thank you! Simply refreshing in the world of blogs & websites.


Ceci Cocchiaro
Ceci Cocchiaro
Dec 05, 2021

Love your Art <3 You are so creative and versatile <3 <3 <3 I will try the pie recipe Thank you


Just got a chance to work your ornament video...thanks for sharing...will definitely be making some of them! Linda K


Kisa Mortenson
Kisa Mortenson
Dec 03, 2021

I love pie and can't wait to try your recipe. I love making the balls too. THANK YOU!

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