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Twirling Rosettes

Over the past few weeks I have been creating these floral pieces with a soft, romantic palette and it’s been such a joy to work on. Most of these are in my journal so I can just explore and experiment!

These sweet, circular rosette shapes came about earlier this year when I joined in the #28februaryflowers challenge. For the month of February I painted a flower each day and for some reason a lot looked the these shapes – and now they are coming back!

All of these are on watercolor paper (Arches or Fabriano 140lb hot press) and I’m working with acrylic paints, acrylic inks, Neo Color IIs crayons, colored pencils and art paper scraps.

I am loving creating different color combinations. Especially the magenta and blue together. To get this bright color I starting layering in the Golden High Flow Quinacridone magenta with some Neo Colors and getting this deep, rich background.

I also am a bit crazy over the lime green and lavendar combination. These color palettes are like eye-candy to me! A yummy treat for the eyes.

Adding the paper bits really takes these paintings into the world of collage and mixed media. I love the texture and different patterns that come from the paper. For this journal I really wanted the paper to have torn edges so I did not use scissors for most of the pages. It creates a soft, romantic feel to match the colors.

I am happy to say that I filled up this handmade journal full of these rosettes, and I will be sharing it Live over on my Creative Community group this Saturday (10/24/20)at 10am PT. If you are reading this after that date then the replay will always be in that group to watch at anytime!

Here's the link to my Creative Community on Facebook:

I wanted to make a space where we could come together, share and encourage one another.

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