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Sometimes it's in the crop!

I love this so much, and now I am hoping to recreate it! Sometimes the crop is where I find the magic.

It all started last week on my Instagram Live. I decided I was going to give some love to that social platform the same way I have been doing weekly Lives on Facebook for the past 2 years. I picked Wednesday - middle of the week, hump day. Perfect.

My plan with these IG Lives is that they will be shorter than Facebook, about 30 minutes or so and the whole idea is that I am hoping to encourage everyone that they only need a small amount of time each day to be creative and get into the flow the way I am on the Live. Each week I will just play and see what I can come up with - mostly creating in my journal.

I grabbed some bougainvillea from the garden, my handmade watercolor paper art journal, and a pile of mixed media supplies. I wanted to use the flower for inspiration but stay loose in the art play.

The IG Live was great except for the leaf blowers that decided to come at the exact same time! lol. So loud and they were there so long as we just had a huge storm the day before. I have now switched my Instagram Lives to Thursdays from now on!

Once the Live was over I realized that I did not love what I was working on. I felt the flowers were overworked so I sat at my table and grabbed some collage pieces and started adding on small bits, as well as drew in little details with paint pens.

After another hour or so I looked at it again and's ok, don't really love it but it was fun to create. And then...

I grabbed a small white matte and moved it around the page. Viola! I found the magic.

The pros and cons to working in a journal are that I would love to cut this out and mount it, but on the other side of the page is another piece I really like. So recreate I must - just not sure when!

I hope you can join me for my weekly Lives - either on Facebook or Instagram. I love to share what I've been working on, flowers that are blooming in my garden, and just play, do demos and connect with others!

Facebook Creative Community Saturdays 10am PT/1pm ET

Instagram, Thursday, 12pm PT/3pm ET

Sending love + light!


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Dec 08, 2021

Very pretty how you cropped it!


Roslind Sherman
Roslind Sherman
Dec 02, 2021

I haven’t tried watching on Instagram.....I’ do struggle circumnavigating but did get an Instagram account... now I’m compelled to use it ( HAHA)...It’s always so easy to stay in a comfort zone.... just like working in a journal or recreating... I think ... It’s always best to stretch out and grow a few new feathers on your creative wings ( HAHA) ... Even if you do crash land a few times....Love those small matts for finding the magical landing place....HUGS

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