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Small Art on Paper

Creating small art is so therapeutic to me. Just sitting down for an hour or so to play with supplies. I am loving the small brushes, small strokes and small marks. This is typically how I paint my middle layers on larger canvases but I’m starting to leave some as abstract. I’m really enjoying the process and seeing where these pieces are taking me.

My table is always super messy, with inks everywhere and of a course a yummy cup of tea!

I'm playing around with lots of fun art supplies; Acrylic inks, acrylic paint, soft pastel pencils, micron pen, paint pens, regular pencil + NeoColor II wax crayons.

I use Fabriano Hot Press 140lb paper - it's my favorite paper to paint with. These little 6x8 are torn with a tear bar to keep the edges rough. 1/2' white border around the edges to create a 5x7 image.

So many fun colors to choose from - I especially love different color combos that I can create!

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