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Shuffle off to Buffalo

Here's Part One of my East Coast trip! I grew up in Buffalo from the age of 9 and left for Washington DC when I was 27. I grew up in an incredible community full of kids, playing, biking, swimming - you name it. My neighbors on either side of me were the best you could ask for and are still a huge part of my life. Thanks to Facebook I was able to rekindle with my HS friends, so they are also on the list to see. It was a busy week there but I was able to get a lot in. The weather was great and I am excited to return in the Fall for another visit.

Comfort food - and lots of it. Of course, chicken wings are a must! And I surprised the boys back in California with a bucket of wings from La Nova. They send out 1-day delivery in ice packs and then all you need to do is reheat at 325 for 10 minutes. Considering that you can't find Buffalo wings like this anywhere outside of NY they were thrilled! The portions in restaurants are huge. Especially at Luigis - this was a sampler plate of alfredo, chicken parmesan, and lasagna. Go Mom!

I was able to spend some time with my Dad, and his girlfriend Debby by the beautiful Lake Angola. Lots of laughter, cheers, and chats! He made me some amazing meals including one of my favorite breakfasts - a good ole' British Fry Up. Consists of egg, fried tomatoes, beans, bacon, and fried bread. Can you say YUM!

My stepmother, Carol made me a fantastic picnic and planned a great bike ride along the Niagara River down to the Falls. 8 miles each way all along the water as the rapids got bigger and bigger. The rushing water is so powerful and intense. Growing up we'd take all the visitors to the Falls as it was near our house, and still to this day it never gets old.

I had such a great time laughing and reminiscing about old times with my HS friends, I also love getting together with them - and for some reason it makes me feel so young (yay). I was also super happy to meet one of my FB Creative Community peeps, Susanne for coffee and a trip to the superstore Hyatts! And of course any time I'm in Buffalo I have to get my "Propis" fix; Marya, Donna and Sarah - my dearest and oldest friends from the neighborhood.

All the beautiful flowers were in full bloom, June is such a great time to visit Buffalo. Donna grows bushes of peonies so she made me a bouquet that not only smelled amazing but also fantastic to paint!

Another highlight of my trip...Murals! The artwork that is all over Buffalo is spectacular. I am in awe and also very jealous - I would love to see all the buildings in Santa Cruz be covered in colorful art.

Lousie Jones One of my favorite muralists. “Wildflowers for Buffalo”, inspired by the local landscape. Commissioned by the Albright Knox Art Gallery.

Eduardo Kobra An incredible muralist who paints all over the world found himself drawn to the legacy of one of Western New York’s most famous residents, Mark Twain, and his perhaps less well-known—but nonetheless significant—friendship with John T. Lewis. Commissioned by the Albright Knox Art Gallery.

The Freedom Wall by local artists John Baker Julia Bottoms Chuck Tingley, and Edreys Wajed.

This mural as a way to celebrate our nation’s historic and ongoing struggles for political and social equality, including the formative and lasting contributions of local leaders to this cause.

Each artist is a native of Buffalo, currently lives and works in the region, and holds a degree from SUNY Buffalo State.

Tavar Zawacki “Metamorphosis #5”, is based on Zawacki’s signature artistic motif: the upward arrow. Tavar gravitated toward the upward arrow as a more universal expression, as he as explained, “of the powerful mentality to rise above fears, challenges, and anything holding you back from your goals. . . . everything is possible!” Both commissioned by the Albright Knox Artloise hones Gallery

And some more I found on Elmwood Avenue!

Cassandra Ott, Buffalo resident and maker of rainbows, flowers, and other things. What a sweet and beautiful mural she painted on Elmwood Avenue!

I encourage you to go out into your city and search for beautiful murals! I am hoping that all the cities around the world keep funding muralists to paint their gorgeous art for everyone to see.

Another fun event of the trip was interviewing my mom, Heather, aka "Nanny" during one of my Facebook Creative Community Lives. You can see the whole episode on my YouTube channel!

Part 2 of the trip (Georgia) coming next week!



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Roslind Sherman
Roslind Sherman
Jun 30, 2021

WOW ... love those breakfasts, love those wings and love those murals ... so what’s next Boss !!!...Thanks for the tour😍


Melanie Fagan
Melanie Fagan
Jun 17, 2021

Looks like a wonderful time!! I LOVE all the beautiful art, color, flowers, and joy you share! Also, the FB live with Nanny was just awesome!


Mc Corsini
Mc Corsini
Jun 16, 2021

This is beautifly written Andrea. Makes me proud to be a Buffalonian.

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