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Oxford definition: The state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.

I've been busy in the studio creating lots of videos and drumming up new class ideas, but I'm also working on a Lotus Mandala painting which has been so much fun. It's called Serenity and it's a repainting of one that was actually signed, for sale and hanging up. Haha.  When I have bug in my head to alter an older painting I'll just grab my brushes without a second thought and start marking it up! It's still in progress but I thought I'd share the different layers so far:

The original painting that was hanging up

Chalking in a Lotus Mandala

Using white paint to start blocking in the flowers

Using white paint to start blocking in the flowers

Working with acrylic inks to get the dreamy water background

Adding in more layers and marks, white lines and will start to work on the upper flowers next. There are a bunch of videos on my YouTube where you can also watch the transition come to life!

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