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Ringing in the New Year with inspiration from Barbados!

We starting planning our trip to Barbados months ago when we found out that Elias (my stepson who is taking a Gap year at sea) would be there during our winter break! Wow. What perfect timing.

We secured the airline tickets and our place to stay well in advance, then life got busy and we really didn't have time to research much else for the trip. We were open for anything. Two weeks with sunshine and a warm breeze was just what I was looking for!

I always pack an art journal for family vacations, and of course a ton of art supplies! Traveling with mostly watercolor paints and a variety of markers. The journal is handmade from Fabriano watercolor hot press 140lb paper (see Teesha Moore's video on how to make one), I prep the backgrounds with lots of different colors. You can use either acrylic inks or watercolors to do this.

Favorite travel art markers: Copics and Tombows

Favorite pens to write with: Faber-Castell Pitt Pens or Micron Pens

Every morning and evening I would doodle away the days events in this journal. A illustration of my memories! Inspired by the color everywhere. The water was incredible. Beautiful shades of turquoise.

Jaw dropping blues!! (and I want this car)

Lots of pink! This was the sweetest church in Bathsheba. My boys trying to pose!

I could stay here forever....

Cover of journal "Let's Catch A Wave Together"

Traveling up north to Animal Flower Cave and Maycocks Bay. Breathtaking spots.

Check out my video as I review all 16 pages in this journal and give a little recap of my trip! Find it on my YouTube channel.

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