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New beginnings

Now that my last 3 paintings are finished and signed, there was room for new canvases on my wall easel and I was fortunate enough to spend a lot of time last week painting on them in the studio. I worked mostly on backgrounds starting with words of love, then adding in acrylic inks to bring some bold color to the canvas and lastly added in some abstract layers with more inks and acrylic paints using different tools.

Here are some snapshots of my latest paint session!

I always start my paintings with words of love!
On a 2nd canvas I am sticking with warm color inks as I bring in some color!

Once I get painting it's hard to stop, this process is so meditative for me! Time can stand still as the canvas comes to life.

One of my favorite parts of building up a canvas is creating all these marks of color and detail. If you want to check out some of the videos I created on these layers they are posted in my YouTube channel here.

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