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My favorite Tips on Creating a Sketchbook Practice!

Updated: May 10, 2023

Perhaps you are already considering starting a sketchbook practice, but those silly, negative thoughts may hold you back. You may think that you lack the ability to draw or that you don't have enough time. Maybe you have attempted to start before but found yourself frequently giving up.

Keeping a sketchbook has been instrumental in my art career and I get asked questions all the time about this practice. So I put together this video to share some of my favorite tips in hopes of inspiring you to start one today!

Tip: There are No Rules

You can be messy, start in the middle, and even use any medium you want!

Don’t worry about perfection – it’s why I use a pen and not a pencil. It doesn’t matter if you mess up. You can always start on another page or collage over it.

Don’t worry about the end result – it’s all about just spending that time creating and being in the process of it all.

Sketchbooks are not all just about illustrating. That helps to take away the expectations you need to draw realistically, some people like to sketch abstract ideas and others just like to doodle!

Tip: It’s just for YOU!

Think of your sketchbooks as your private playground or your personal art diary. They are just for you, and you only have to share if you want to. So there is no need to be precious about the pages!

The 3 P's! Explore + Express + Experiment. By doing this in your sketchbook, you will gain confidence in becoming a better artist and finding your unique voice.

Tip: Create a Habit

How to get and stay motivated in your practice. Work in your sketchbook at the same time of day, even for only 10 minutes. Try an online challenge. Work in a sketchbook that is small enough to carry with you; it can go everywhere you go – grab it instead of social media scrolling.

Habits create discipline, and discipline creates confidence and skill!

Tip: What to Sketch

Writing and doodling is a start in case you are unsure where to begin. Doodle while chatting on the phone or watching TV – Doodle in your sketchbook.

No limits on the subject matter - mix it up! Random still lifes picked up from your walk

Food – breakfast, lunch, snacks (I do this a lot when traveling alone)

Flowers from your garden

Favorite books


Tip: It’s so Affordable

Art supplies can be really expensive! But the price of a small pocket-sized sketchbook and micron is pen is around the same as a deli sandwich!

Tip: There are MANY Benefits to Sketching

Creating memories that have more emotion than even a photo; you are creating a visual recording! Teaching yourself how to see and find everyday beauty. Become better at drawing or painting - the more you draw, the easier it gets. Gain confidence!

Being creative reduces stress and anxiety, and that equals better health! Having a sketchbook practice is so meditative. Carving out 20 minutes and being present in the moment can be life-changing!

I hope this video will inspire you to go out and start a sketchbook practice today.

Remember that Creativity is our superpower!

I'd love to hear in the comments if you have a sketchbook practice or if you are thinking about starting one!



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