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My favorite Sketchbooks + Art Journals

I love being surrounded my sketchbooks and art journals. I probably have at least one in every room of the house, tucked away somewhere between random books. I love to feel the worn edges and take a peek at the memories that were drawn years ago.

The best thing about sketchbooks are that they are just for you! It's a great place to practice your drawing skills, experiment with new colors or even mess around with different art supplies! Sketchbooks come in all shapes and sizes, and for me it's hard to resist buying new ones - maybe that's why I never finish any!

Some of my favorite sketchbooks + art journals

Colored pencils + Neo Color II scribbles

These are perfect to throw in your bag and take every time you leave the house! Great for a 10 minute sketch while you are waiting in line or on a car trip.

Handmade Journal - Kauai

One of my favorite places to draw is in Hawaii, I pack all my markers and this journal!

Handmade Journal - Orcas Island

I love drawing maps of where we are staying, this was a great road trip we took!

Handmade Journal - Barbados

Our last trip back in early January. Beautiful country so full of color + joy!

Ranger Dylusions Journals are perfect for collage + mixed media.

Pages are heavyweight and can take all sorts of art supplies!

Julia Pfeiffer Beach sketch in Ranger Dylusions Journal

I always take markers, sketchbooks and watercolors on road trips. Easy to travel with!

Art supplies in a basket!

Perfect for when you are watching Netflix with the family, or if you don't want to get all the art supplies out and just want to doodle a bit in your sketchbook!

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