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Meet Lily from "Tomorrow's Hope"

This sweet girl has been sold and is moving to her new home soon. I loved every minute of painting her, she will be missed! I always try and take progress photos during different stages in my art. I was happy to find these photos of the early layers as I started this painting last year, but really got working on it through our shelter-in-place.

There was a small request from my art collector that turned out to be exactly what this painting needed (thank you Universe!). For the longest time I had the bouquet of flowers in her arms with an area of green leaves that I felt were missing something but I couldn’t figure out what that was. In fact, these were leaves that I don’t usually paint, the shape was new for me. The request was whether I could add an additional flower, Lily of the Valley - and it could be small, just tucked in somewhere. Of course I was more than happy to do this. So when I researched the flower and saw photos I was blown away that the leaves of this flower were the same as what I painted! Goosies! Painting in the Lily of the Valley is just what this painting needed. I love how everything works out like this.

Here is the finished piece - I love how you can see all the textures in the layers.

Tomorrow's Hope

Words of Love on the first layer
Adding acrylic inks for some color pop to start the painting.

Abstract Fun!
Chalking in my image
Adding in some color blocking
Adding in lots of fun details!

I will miss this sweet girl surrounded by her beautiful flowers. Have you ever just embraced the beauty of flowers, the glorious smells and colors and thought life is good. Well that’s what flowers do for me. They are my biggest inspiration for my paintings.

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