May flowers in my garden

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

My biggest muse or inspiration for my art has always been flowers, and May has turned out to be a fabulous month for a garden show!

It’s true, I’m slightly obsessed! I think this must stem from my childhood and I know I’m lucky that I inherited a green thumb from both sides of my family. When I was young I remember my maternal grandfather tending to his rose garden as well as my father creating beautiful garden beds out of nothing, and then designing them around color and shapes.

English gardens (aka cottage gardens) are my favorite type probably because I lived in Ireland and England as a child and I have such fond memories of the flowers there. Walking to school along a path that was flooded with hollyhocks and foxgloves as they would grow wild - they seemed so tall back then (I’m sure I was about 5). Gathering rose petals and making perfume into little jars with my older sister!

Coastal California has a similar climate to the UK so a lot of my favorites grow well here and I am starting to build up different gardens. I have 2 English gardens right now that I love!

One is outside my art studio and is filled with foxgloves that have reseeded and spread, among lavender, poppies, yarrow, and verbascum.

And the other is a beautiful rose garden mixed in with some sweet peas, salvia, dahlias, and scabiosa. I am the proud owner of 12 rose bushes! Each year I add 1-2 David Austin roses (thank you Joyce!) as they are my favorite brand. I order direct as their roses always arrive in great condition, they may be a few $ more but are worth every penny. I have a few roses that are similar to peonies (which is the one flower I cannot grow and wish I could – not cold enough here!).

I also started a new garden this year! Filled with daffodils, a magnolia tree, and 15 dahlias from