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Magnolia Beauty

I think Magnolias are one of my favorite flowers to draw. I love how the blossoms come first with little fuzzy pods that burst open with delicate, beautiful petals. Similar to butterflies coming from fuzzy caterpillars! I know most of the country may be under snow, but right now when I walk in our neighborhood I am seeing all these petals getting bigger and more beautiful each day.

These drawings (pen + watercolor) were created during my 365 day "draw a flower" a day for a year from 2016. I drew these when I was working in the corporate world with no idea that this project I set for myself had so many other intentions! These flowers became the backbone to my line of flour sack towels, which have been popular for the last few years. I'm using the same flowers from this challenge, or creating new ones in this style so I can keep refreshing my line. 

Also, from the practice of drawing petals, stems, blossoms, I now use a lot of florals in my larger acrylic paintings. This has also lead to the creation of online video courses on floral painting as well (stay tuned on more info on that!)

Sometimes in life what you are doing today may lead to so many more wonderful paths. Enjoy the journey.

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