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Let's spread some love today!

I hope you are all well and navigating the best you can through this crazy time. I have felt like the last 10 days have been so surreal that I literally sometimes walk around in a daze. This will be a period of time we will never forget as the whole world is in it together. Everyone is affected not matter who you are or where you come from.

There are some bright spots that I am trying to hold onto; walking every day. Instead of my usual hurried up walk with Scout (my 8 yr old Lab), I am now walking down to the beach, breathing in fresh air each day for over an hour. Makes us both happy!

Scout at his favorite place

I am meeting more neighbors than ever before. Lots of us are walking from our houses in all sorts of directions. Everyone is so friendly waving and saying hello, getting some exercise and just being outside.

I think we will all have the cleanest homes and incredible gardens by the time the Shelter-In-Place is over. Here is one of my favorite gardens from my neighborhood walk.

Family time. Lots of family time! This will be my brightest spot when we are all done with this quiet time and back into the hustle of life. My stepson Elias just flew home from Mexico as his semester at sea was cut short. We are lucky as now we are a family of 5 and all together. We have each other for card games, bike rides, puzzles, etc. My heart aches for all those who only have themselves at home – which is why I started an art project challenge (keep reading for that!)

I really want to spread some love and colorful art through this difficult season. I will be on Facebook Live (Andrea Garvey Art) at 1pm PT, 4PM ET Monday-Friday discussing various art things I’m working on and checking in to see how everyone is doing. All Facebook Lives are still available after the air time so not to worry if you can’t join me in real time.

And lastly as some of you know I love creating collage art cards. Now more than ever I feel I need to create some handmade art and send out to loved ones. What if we could all brighten someone’s day during this crazy time of uncertainty and unease?

Check out my mini art lesson on how on how I create collage art cards on my YouTube channel.

It’s also a fun art project for the kids! Most of us are home anyway, and some of us have kids that are looking for art projects and this one is super easy and fun to do! what if we all created 1 beautiful, handmade card, put it in the mail and we did that for 7 days in a row!

If you have someone near and dear to your heart and this art challenge is not something you cannot do at this point, email me and I will send them a card. I believe sharing some color and joy could make a world of difference right now. Let's get everyone on board and spread some big love out there!

Be safe! xo Andrea

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