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Joy Journal 02: Inky Fun

I’m always looking for a 20-minute art project to either warm me up or get the creative flow going. And sometimes, I get so into this practice I lose track of time and get lost in the process. Double win!

This week I played around with black and white, leaving the beautiful bright colors behind for a bit. There is something so dramatic and satisfying about painting in black. Not exactly sure why I feel like that. It could be just the stark contrast, especially when I add white on top.

As a way to loosen up or just to get started in your sketchbook, try this exercise:

Here’s what I used:

Black Acrylic Ink (you can also use watercolor or India ink as well)

Wooden skewer or old pencil

I squeezed out some ink and used the eye dropper as a drawing tool, but the most fun I have is spreading the ink around with a skewer – I could do this ALL day!

Once everything is dry – I’ll go over the black areas with some doodle or scribble work in white. This is where you can get lost in time.



PS. If you feel like shopping from any of the links, I just want you to know that as an affiliate in Amazon Services program, I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases, so I can buy more art supplies and continue to create art videos and classes!

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1 Comment

Roslind Sherman
Roslind Sherman
Oct 12, 2022

This was so much fun ... I love working with ink ... and really enjoy your quirky sounds while creating..( HAHA)It’s exactly how I feel ..Too funny ....I never know which ink is the best to use ... so I just buy whats on sale. This line work is very relaxing....Thanks

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