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Inky fun with unstretched cotton canvas

Over the past few mornings, I have been playing around with some unstretched canvas that has been primed, as well as unprimed. I bought these rolls last year when I had an itch to create a beautiful wall hanging with distressed edging. I ordered from Blick, and once they arrived I tucked them neatly in the corner of my studio. Then I completely forgot about that itch.

Meanwhile, I have been creating loads of abstracts with liquid watercolor or acrylic inks. Just playing with color combinations and different tools to blend the fluid paint together.

But then I thought...I'd like to go bigger so I can really move the paint around and see what happens. Aha! What about those canvases rolled up getting dusty? Yes, those are perfect (me talking to myself which happens all the time)!

I bought 2 different kinds of cotton canvas from Blick last year:

I unrolled the primed one, put it on my table, and just started playing with a few colors. Magenta and Orange acrylic inks, and White Titanium high flow. Wow. I felt like a kid again just watching the colors blend into each other.

And I decided not to use a paintbrush! I kept the color palette limited as well as my mark-making tools. A skewer and my fingers - that's it!

(Tip: try a barrier protective cream for your hands and then just dive into the paints, smoosh around and have fun!)

Love this sweet heart that appeared!

This piece is still in progress, and I'm tempted to cover up all the earthy neutrals with blues and greens, but when I showed my friend, Renee Mueller she loved it and said "Leave it". I promised I would for now.

I love looking around the studio and seeing so much work and finding common threads between everything. These two pieces are hanging up side-by-side on the wall easel right now. I am definitely influenced by florals and organic circles!

I can't wait to create with the raw unprimed canvas next. The possibilities...

Keep shining bright everyone!


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