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Floral Explosion

Even though it’s October, my head is still swimming around in floral blossoms! The dahlias are blooming in all sorts of pink, while the roses are trying to make a 3rd bloom this season. While the leaves are changing for many, I am holding onto Spring and Summer with all my might.

My art studio time was limited due to launching my 2nd online course this past week, but when I did paint it was on watercolor paper with all sorts of supplies including some collage bits … because why not?

Untitled (as of now) 19" x 23" mixed media

This one morphed into quite a few variations. Between editing and zoom calls or other computer tasks over the past couple weeks I had this sheet of Arches 140lb watercolor paper right beside me. When I wanted a break I’d just start drawing with pencils, or paint and created flowers.

I think rosettes are probably my go-to shape. I love creating them so much, from doodles to big paintings - there is usually some part of this flower in most of my art. The round, organic shape and the flow of the circles within circles is really appealing.

Here are some progress photos. I am using Acrylic inks, paints, colored pencils + Neo Colors IIs


Tropical Love 8" x10" mixed media

The floral crush I have is both with cottage garden flowers and lush, beautiful tropicals. This piece was inspired by the warm breezes and bright colors of Hawaii. I didn’t intend to add collage pieces, but I just felt after the initial few layers it needed something. And that must of done the trick because she is now sold to her forever home in Washington.

Here are some progress photos. I am using Acrylic inks, paints, colored pencils + Neo Colors IIs

I am so excited about the direction of these new mixed media pieces I am going to development an online art course called "Floral Explosion" for early spring! Stay tuned. Please sign up for my newsletter for updates and art announcements.

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