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Do you have an art journal practice?

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

It's been a practice that has helped and guided me so much in my art journey so far. I can't imagine not having a place to doodle away some thoughts, sketch out ideas and figure out color combinations!

Remember drawing in sketchbooks when you were younger? Spending hours coloring and creating beautiful illustrations? I am lucky to have kept a couple of these books, but I really wish I had saved them all—such a peaceful time sitting down to a blank page and a pack of markers.

As an adult, my art journals are similar to those sketchbooks but with just more stuff. I am layering in collage materials, writing daily thoughts or inspirational quotes I've found. These journals are the first place I go to explore new ideas and doodle a quick sketch. They are imperfect, and that’s why I love them.

For years I have made my own journals (and, of course, also bought all those yummy ones you can buy), but there is something to be said about making your own. Collecting papers, folding, and binding into a perfect journal that feels so good in your hands. Not too precious that I won’t use it (like some of those journals I bought)!

Besides the fact that art journaling is just FUN – it evokes a deeper sense of self-awareness, eases the stress of everyday life, and inspires us through the process of creativity. What? The best therapy!

One of my favorite places to have my afternoon tea is in my art studio, surrounded by my journals. I can pick any of them up, and I am instantly transported back to that time (that's why I LOVE bringing a journal on every vacation).

I have been teaching Live art classes for the past few months via Zoom on different topics, and I am always thinking about the next perfect class idea. Something fun, a little over 2 hours, and that we can create together. I LOVE these classes, the community is amazing, and I feel it's the next best thing to us all being together in a room!

So I thought - why not art journaling! There is a lot to pack into one session, so I am breaking it into 3 sessions. Making our own handmade journal, creating a gorgeous Floral spread, and using Lettering as a theme for the last one. Buy all 3 for a discount ($50), or just one ($20), or mix + match - it doesn't matter. Besides the Live class, all Creative Sessions are available as a Replay: featuring the zoom recording and hi-res videos I create from my tabletop.

Click here for more info on the Art Journaling classes. The first one starts on September 18, 2021.

I believe that every one of us is creative in one way or another, and spending 10-20 minutes a day in your art journal is one of the best ways to find that magic spark and bring it to life!

Shine your bright light! xo


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