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Color Me Happy

I can't believe it's been a month since my last blog post. Did February go by in a blink or what? I'd like to tell you that I've been doing this and that or painting all day long in my studio, but that was not the case! Ha! I have been creating something magical. I call it magical because it's as if someone else made it.

There was such an ease and clear direction in making Color Play, my latest online art course, exploring color combinations and abstract patterns with acrylic and mixed media. Now that I have reflected on the process, I can't believe it went so smoothly. Maybe it's because it's my 13th course, and there's a system in place now. But I'm not too sure; there were many times when I felt like I was being guided and pulled in a certain direction.

I wanted Color Play to be a real behind-the-scenes look at how I choose color, my next mark, or how I start each layer. I even did a bonus lesson of a self-critique of a pile of abstract work I made during the Pandemic.

Watch this video for an overview of the course and to see how Color Play came to life!

A course like this usually takes about 4-5 weeks to create, with many long days and nights producing and editing. Usually, when it's released for early registration, I am stressed out, haven't taken care of myself, and make mistakes because I am rushing. That was not the case at all this time.

I never had to call my friend Renee Meuller in a desperate panic, and my hubby only called me "Buffalo tough" once when I was hangry (haha - I made him bring me a sandwich an hour before dinner as I forgot to eat lunch).

Here is a quick promo video I made on Color Play - I was telling Mark the other day that if I were in my 20s, I'd go into video editing because I love this part of course-creating. Telling stories with videos and images, splicing footage together, and finding a good flow.

Here's what I think. There has been a shift in my art journey this year. I can FEEL something happening - it's hard to explain. I journal every morning, just three pages like Julia Cameron says in The Artist Way book, and meditate a little. Every time I finish my pages, I end with a "thank you" to have been given the opportunity to do my job. So maybe by being on this path, these art courses are becoming easier to create because I know I am reaching more people.

I do know one thing. I am being called to serve, which has become crystal clear over the past few months. I have a mini course to create this Spring (The Traveling Art Journal), and then I am clearing the decks to build 2 member sites so I can inspire and encourage with a full heart and open arms. One for creatives called "Create Joy Studio" and the other for creatives with a side business called "Creative Side Hustle Club". I will share all the details, ideas, and plans soon enough!

I can't thank you enough for being here on this journey with me and encouraging me SO much to keep growing and building. The emails, DMs, cards, and follows have been so appreciated.

Lesson One: Inspiration Color Bundle - mini paintings on paper

Lesson Two: Color Pops - mixed media art on paper

Lesson Three: Color Me Happy - acrylics on canvas

*All levels welcome, watch the Intro Video to hear how about overcoming the fear of abstract painting.

Have a beautiful, creative week! For a limited time, Color Play is available for early price registration! $48 The online classroom opens on March 17th.

I hope to see you there!



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