Christmas Pudding + Traditions

I love holiday traditions, especially ones that have been passed down a generation or two.

A favorite of mine is to make a Christmas pudding with my mom, and the funny thing is the rest of my family thinks it's disgusting and won't touch it with a 10-foot pole. But I love this pudding, and what it represents. British roots, tradition, and well wishes.

I have fond memories of my grandmother, Vera and I making the pudding, and streaming it over a few days each year so when I started a family, and my mom would come out to visit we started this tradition up again.

Christmas Pudding 2019


Even though my boys and hubby do not like the taste, they do like to stir and make a wish! I love that part of it. I've had parties when the kids were little where everyone would stir....

A stirring party when the boys were younger

Back in the day my mom said they used to put coins in the pudding, so you were extra lucky to get a piece with that treasure (never mind what the dentist bill may be!)

The Recipe