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Being Still

Remember when I said that my word of the year was FLOW? (There are two types, either "being the creative flow" or "going with the flow"). Well, this past week, it was the latter.

Beauty is all around us. Here's one of the fabulous winter sunsets we've been blessed with!

For the 2nd time in 12 months, I got Covid. Yup. Fully vaccinated and boosted and all the things. But when Covid is rampant in the high school, it was hard for one of the boys not to bring it home!

So here we go again - masks and isolation at home, as only 1/2 of the household was positive. I did the guideline of five days in my bedroom and art studio (the hubs reinforced this - he did not want to get it). I actually felt pretty lousy for the first few days, and on the 6th day, I woke up and knew I was back to normal!

But here is the reason for my post. I needed that REST and the time just to be STILL.

On the first day, I was already bored. Cooped up in my bedroom, I began sorting stuff out, cleaning, and decluttering, and then my sister called and said, "knock it off and get back to bed - your body needs you to rest." Uh oh.

On Days 2-4, I stayed put (actually on my bed) surrounded by creative magazines, books, journals, notes, planners - you name it. I spread them out all over. Got myself super comfy with blankets and a good backrest, and then the downloads started coming.

I'm not talking about digital downloads, but creative downloads in the form of ideas! So many - I couldn't stop writing. I covered pages in different notebooks and dreamt up big plans for 2023. And ooh wee, I am excited!

And then, on Day 5, I moved into the art studio and set some of those Covid-induced plans in motion. I've never been so clear in my life about the direction my business is going in. Happy dancing over here!

What is really interesting is that I didn't do any art; I was not feeling the mojo. I guess I was using it all up for idea-making - another way of being creative.

Just as I was about to release this blog post, a newsletter popped into my email from a designer I love, Jeremiah Brent. He was discussing January and how it was quiet, peaceful, and perfect for becoming re-energized and inspired. He mentioned Robert Rauschenberg's famous quote, "An empty canvas is full." Yes, indeed, I thought.

So next time you end up with some unexpected downtime, soak in all that quiet and let the thoughts and ideas come through. You may be pleasantly surprised!

Lastly - can I have a #proudmama moment? Several exciting events have just happened. One, my baby turned 18 (what?!)! Two, he also got early academic acceptance into his college of first choice, San Diego State University, with a pre-major in business/entrepreneurship. Then he played his heart out (after a week off with Covid) to help defeat the #1 team in the county during their last-ever home basketball game. We won by 3 points! What a game. And to top it off, my boys celebrated their HS Winter Ball with their gorgeous girlfriends. My heart was seriously overflowing with gratitude and love for these Garvey boys/men!

OK. I'm done gushing and welcoming in February!


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02 feb 2023

I am sorry to hear you had Covid again but I appreciate the wisdom you shared from the experience. I had never heard the phrase "An empty canvas is full." I am going to write it down and think more on it. There are times when I have needed to pause and reflect. It is a reminder that being creative doesn't have to be a physical painting or piece of work. Also, I love the photos of the boys!!! So happy for them and you!!!

Me gusta

02 feb 2023

🌹So sorry you had Covid for the second time, but what a thrill for you finding momentum for the new year. Gushing with pride over our children is a wonderful feeling.

Me gusta
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