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Art Festival love + support

It's been a week since I participated in the Capitola Art + Wine Festival! This event has always been a favorite of mine. The location is amazing beside the beach; the crowds are always fun, and it's local for me so many of my friends stop by, which I love.

My tireless workers - Christy, Melissa, and Mark! I can't thank them enough xo

After years of hustling with festivals (usually solo as Mark was home with the boys) I changed the direction of my art business during the early onset of the Pandemic. Now I focus more on creating art courses, selling my products online, coaching, and other stay-in-my-studio activities. But I do LOVE this one festival each year - and will gladly show up and show/sell/share my work.

I love chatting with all my customers that come into my booth!

Art festivals are hard work, and I tip my hat to the many artists who travel for months at a time, set up/take down their booths, put on a smile, and hope for a good weekend. You are subject to the weather elements (as I write this post, it's pouring with rain - which would make for a lousy festival day).

However, with that being said nothing compares to an in-person event with human connection. That is what these art festivals are all about for me—meeting new friends, embracing familiar ones, and always sharing stories about our love of art and creating.

I was truly humbled at this last event as so many people came to tell me that they are following my journey, watching my Lives, taking my classes, or are part of my art community. That meant so much to me as I often don't know who reads my newsletters or blog, or sees my social media posts - all the hard work running your own business pays off during events like these. My mission is to inspire as many people as possible through color and joy, and to show people that creativity is a superpower with so many benefits once we tap into it!

My cup is full of feelings of blessings and gratitude from this special weekend - thank you to all who came out and said hello - I really appreciate it!

Also a huge thank you for the behind-the-scenes help I get. Nanny was rolling a TON of tea towels before the event along with Christy and Melissa who would come and roll on random evenings just to prep in advance (last year I was rolling more towels at 11pm on Saturday which I did not want to do this year! - we were prepared!)

Until next year Capitola Art + Wine!


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1 Comment

Roslind Sherman
Roslind Sherman
Sep 21, 2022

Sounds like you had a blast ...Outdoor festivals are hard work, but sometimes a nice social change ... All your pictures look HAPPY. That is what is important.😍

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