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55 never looked so good!

I actually can't believe I am 55 now. I definitely do not "feel" it. In fact, I've never had more energy in my life! So I guess all those good habits are starting to pay off. Haha. I was expecting another low-key Covid birthday celebration. Just me and the boys. And that's exactly what we did, but this year it was all about the experiences, not the things. Hello! I guess it takes until you are the "speed limit" age to realize this. (Side note: my kids have no idea what that means, but some of us remember that 55 was the speed limit...back in the day!)

It started with a hike on a beautiful trail that is pretty close to our home, I can't believe I've never been there before. I dragged Mark, but not the boys this year (last year on our forced neighborhood walk all I heard was their complaints and nothing about the gorgeous flowers I spied.)

For my local friends, it's called Glenwood Open Space Preserve and it was incredible. I missed a lot of the lupines, but the poppies were in their full glory along with many other beautiful flowers. I think we only saw one other person! So quiet and peaceful.

Then at about 40 minutes in Mark says to me, "We need to turn around right now... I have a surprise for you." Oooooo. I love surprises, and I usually find out beforehand (lol!). So we turned back and drove to Felton where he planned a horseback ride for us both! I love that about my husband he's very thoughtful when it comes to gifts and surprises. I have been thinking lately how much I love horses, and miss riding them. Just being on them even! It's amazing. I will definitely be on the lookout for the right place to enjoy this more often.

After that it was home for a quick cup of tea, a yummy treat, and then off to watch Lukey (youngest) and Mark play golf. So during the last 6 months of our Covid world, Lukey has been playing golf almost daily. He and his buddies all have the Youth on Course membership where he only has to pay $5 for any golf course! Isn't that amazing? Well, he's getting so good that he's beating Mark and I have wanted to watch him for a while. So I suggested that I walk alongside them. When I got to Casserly Golf Course they said I could play for free as it was my birthday (I do not golf!) so I shared Mark's clubs and off I went. It's a Par 3 course, super low-key. My only concern was hitting other players!

Well to everyone's surprise I got 2 pars and a bogey!!! Wow. Now that feels good! I loved being out there with the boys. Just pure fun. The big sky was amazing and the view is overlooking all the berry farms. I spotted a beautiful lone Iris on the side of the road!

Then home-sweet-home to forced (by me) family photos on the deck (missing our eldest who is off at college), a yummy homecooked meal from Mark, and a few rounds of cards before one of the best birthdays I've ever had came to an end. What a wonderful day, and a beautiful Pink Supermoon to top of the evening! (photo right before the moon came up!)

Yup...55 never looked so good! Grateful for another amazing birthday year ahead!


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