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Say Yes to what scares you

I know it's pretty crazy, but the older (and maybe a touch wiser) I get, the more that it makes sense to say yes to FEAR and get on with it.

A little bit of FEAR is a good thing for growth in any capacity. When I look back on what I was fearful of during this art journey, they all led to something awesome! And just to be clear, I am not talking about the same FEAR as in scary movies, a pit of snakes, boogie men, or even rollercoasters.

This type of FEAR gives me butterflies and feels out of sorts, but I know deep down I should do it and say YEAAAS!


Some of my "OMG. I am scared to do this" things so far:

Quit my corporate job

(What if I failed? What if I could never get a real job again if I failed?)

*** So far, best decision EVER

Show my work at an Art Festival

(What if I sold NOTHING, or feel like a fraud, or people walk by and snicker, "I could do that" ...all of which still happen!)

Put a price tag on my art, and sell it

(what if NO ONE wants it, or laughs at my price)

Going LIVE on Social

(What? Are you kidding me? I almost peed in my pants the first time, and it was in front of my mom and her friends. I thought the WHOLE world was tuning in!)

Creating online Art Courses

(I could NEVER do that! I don't know where to start!)

Teaching a Zoom Class online

( does that happen?!!! Google? YouTube?)

ALL of those forks in the road have led to many opportunities and opened doors for new things that I am still a little afraid of (and excited about). You can't grow in stagnant waters.

I have some big projects I am cooking up, including starting a Podcast (I have no clue how? Will anyone but my Mom listen?) I still hear the opinions of my Ego; she probably will always stick around.

With every big step moving forward, I think about all those times I was afraid. Then I rely on the experience and confidence to say yes to new, exciting opportunities down the road.

And believe me, I've had many epic failures (those for another post!), but ALL of them have left clues on what to do better next time.

So what do you think about me starting a Podcast? Will you listen?

Leave me a comment and let me know!


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Dec 20, 2022

Mi padre me decía "sigue la flecha del miedo", que no nos paralice. Adelante!


Oct 17, 2022

Podcast? GO FOR IT, if it feels fun, if your soul is leading you-- you know that already though. :-)

Love your offerings! Thanks Andrea!


Deborah Baker
Deborah Baker
Oct 17, 2022

Yes I would listen to your podcast. I find you so easy to listen to (& watch) . You have so much to share with your community so please follow your heart & do the podcast 💕


Totally - I'd listen!!!!


Oct 12, 2022

I work at a computer all day long. Reviewing and reacting legal records. Podcast and art breaks keep me sane. So would I listen to your podcast...without question. I will smile as I listen to your happy voice while researching the law.

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