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Perigord Retreat 03 - Collonges-la-Rouge another of "The Most Beautiful Villages in France."

Updated: Jul 3

*This post is Part 3 in a series about my recent Art Retreat at Perigord Retreats.


Another perfect day! Collonges-la-Rouge proudly proclaims its status as one of "The Most Beautiful Villages in France."

It's true. It is!

And bonus, when Harrison drove us to Collonges-la-Rouges, it was as if we had the whole town to ourselves! There is a reason we head out in the morning; usually, there are more people by the afternoon. Also, May was a bit cooler and rainier than normal, and I think most people just stayed home. 

The rain made everything look brighter and more alive. The temperatures were perfect for walking around, and we hopped in a cafe to sketch whenever it did start showering.

Imagine you are the only one in a medieval church. You look up to hear the birds flapping in the tower, notice all the stonework and the colored stained-glass windows, and feel absolute peace.

Collonges’s hallmark is its red buildings, which are built with sandstone rich in iron oxide. This is unusual for other areas in France but characteristic of parts of the region.

With no less than 25 turrets peaking up amidst the meadows and chestnut and walnut orchards, the village successfully conjures the image of quintessential France. Beneath its lauzé roofs lay impressive manors and modest cottages as well as a beautiful church and a covered market.” Read more about Collonges-La-Rouges here:

We did a lot of sketching that day. Everywhere we turned, there was another perfect image to capture. I loved seeing my group in different parts of the town with their sketchbooks open, studying the architecture and unusually built buildings.

We ate a lovely lunch in town and explored more before returning to make art!

Why I love sketching - drawing/scribbling/painting in a sketchbook slows down time and makes me more present. I see things differently. I get absorbed in the process of it all. And it feeds my soul.

This is one of the wonkiest buildings with many add-on parts; it was so much fun to sketch! Joyce, the dog in the photo, was so sweet and kept coming over for some pets.

On two evenings during the retreat, Harrison and Katel took us to one of their favorite places for dinner, which was fun for us and gave Katel a break from cooking (but her meals were better than any restaurant we ever went to!).

Stay tuned for the next blog; we went to another location that is so picturesque - wait till you see it!


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