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Perigord Retreat 02 - Domme, one of "The Most Beautiful Villages of France"

This is the second blog post in a series.



Can you imagine me as a front-seat passenger in the van as Harrison drives up to these beautiful places? Mouth Wide Open! The whole region of Perigord is jaw-dropping gorgeousness steeped in history, culture, and beauty.

Domme (one of my top places; there is a 3-way tie right now). Labeled as one of ‘The Most Beautiful Villages of France,’ Domme’s impressive architecture is among the most well-preserved medieval towns in the Dordogne Valley, and the extraordinary panoramic views are second to none.

Here is a link for some history on Domme:

A huge stone overlook opens to the valley below, with a patchwork of green fields, farms, walnut groves, and the Dordogne River flowing right through the middle. 

So, before we began to wander the town, we sketched as a group along this overlook. I was dancing and squealing with delight—this is my happy place!

Did I tell you how much I love this group yet?

I pulled out my watercolors, as the colors were glorious that morning.

I could have stayed there all day! It started to shower at one point, so we found a cafe and enjoyed cappuccinos and pastries.

Once the sun came out, we started to explore the town. Some went shopping, and others wandered down little alleyways. Can you guess where I went?

Every small street or alleyway had beautiful flowers, medieval doors, lace in the windows, and poppies growing from the wall. Every scene was something to sketch.

Absolutely magical.

My favorite moments are when I spy someone from the group sketching - do you see Holly?

We sketched, painted, sipped wine or coffee back in the studio, and were just giddy about the incredible day. At 7 p.m., we had another three or four-course meal from Katel, and then we either walked in the hamlet or played more in the studio, which was open all the time.

The perfect day.


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