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Paint for Ukraine

Creating beauty and feeling joy through heartbreak and heaviness is something we have been doing throughout the past couple of years, and now again as we witness the tragedy in Ukraine unfold. But there is also inspiration and light to be seen among the Ukrainians, their resilience, and people worldwide who have their arms wide open to help.

This past weekend I taught a “Paint for Ukraine” zoom class with 100% of proceeds going to 2 incredible funds for Ukraine. I was so grateful that we had so many sign-ups – and as of today, we have raised close to $2,200. My goal is to get to $3,000 by the end of April to give to Together Rising and Save the Children

I chose to paint Sunflowers as they are Ukraine's national flower, symbolizing hope and resilience.

My zoom classes are usually smooth and easy, but the Tech Gods were not having it for some reason. After many internet glitches and crashes including one camera not working, we figured out a way. It was pretty humbling when someone said “these are 1st world problems”. Yes! So true. And then after a few deep breaths, we figured out a way to paint collectively together while sending out some love to Ukraine.

I had to improvise midway through the lesson, took one of my art market displays, and used it as an easel! lol. Then the laptop became the camera. (Good news for those who will watch the replay or purchase this month – I redid the whole Sunflower lesson and now all the videos are in hi-definition! Woo hoo!)

Check out some of these Sunflower paintings - I love them all, each one unique and full of love.

From left to right; Karen D., Jill E, Cathy S.

From left to right; Libby T, Barbara I, Debra S.

From left to right; Debra M, Andrea F., Leslie S.

From left to right; Ann R., Don R., Kristen B.

From left to right; Terri W, Sheila A, Suzanne F.

If you would like to create your own sunflowers to honor Ukraine with a 100% donation - only $20! Here is the link to the class: Paint For Ukraine, once you purchase you will get a link with a password for a private page on my website.

I believe if we send out a good vibration into the world, those that need it most will feel it!


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