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East Coast - Week 2 is in the books!

I am still in Buffalo, NY, enjoying family, friends, and the change in seasons.

I spent a fun day with my stepmother Carol who lives here, and my stepsister Erica, who

I haven't seen in 4 years as she lives in Connecticut - she flew in just to see me! I was really touched. We ate at Daniela (yes, again - I love this place!), strolled Elmwood Avenue and nearby neighborhoods between the rain, and then ate some more. We had lots to catch up on - all of us were in Italy at different times this past summer, so we were swapping photos and reminiscing about how we love that country. Erica has two boys a couple of years younger than mine, so I was also filling her in on what was coming! lol.

Of course, any chance I get to see some incredible murals in the city - yes, please!

My mom had a nasty cold all week (hello, cold and flu season), so we laid low. I took many solo walks - gathering inspiration and beauty each day. The weather is still mild, which I am thrilled about as it could be snowing this time of year. I LOVE the dried milkweed. So beautiful, as if frozen in time.

This past Sunday, I drove to Angola on Lake Erie, to see my Dad, and his partner Debbie to watch the Bills game. Pizza, chicken wings, and a win made for a great evening. I walked down to the lake, just a few minutes from their house, which is so beautiful. I am obsessed with the slate, rocks, and leaves on the beach this time of year.

With mom better we decided to "Take 2" on our Canadian trip. All our documents were in order, and Mom and I went through with no problems. Yippee!

Niagara-on-the-lake is charming. We walked, went shopping, and walked some more - including a little stop along the Niagara Recreational Trail facing the American side where we sketched the Gorge. By the way, for any cyclists - this trail is a must. 32 miles along the scenic Niagara River.

The highlight for us was high tea at the Prince of Wales Hotel. Oh My Goodness. What a treat. We had soooooo many cups of tea and delicious things to eat. It was amazing!

The leaves at Niagara-on-the-lake, Canada, seem to be at their peak, which was great to see, along with a beautiful tribute to the veterans of thousands of knitted or crocheted poppies!

I have a few more days here and then back to see my boys in California. I am hoping next week to share my sketchbook from the trip with you


PS. The tea set we had was the same one Michelle Obama chose for the White House when she lived there. Wedgewood - Birds of Paradise.

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