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Beauty in a mess...

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Between the rains, my mom and I are always hunting for beautiful images during our walks. There is always beauty - you just have to look for it. One afternoon last week, while the sun was shining and the surf was churning up some sea foam, the imagery on the ground was stunning!

What do you think this image looks like? Someone told me on Instagram and now I see it so clearly - check the bottom of the blog page for answer.

The sea foam was so beautiful and looked like it was decked in jewels. Great for photos and future inspiration for paintings.

We've been having fun with my mom, aka Nanny doing lots of walking and pastry eating - we found out that Whole Foods make a delicious, small (3 bites for me) lemon meringue tart. Family dinner at her favorite restaurant, Manuel's. Lots of puzzling. If you need to use your table for dinner, or it's not smooth like mine, buy a piece of foam core at your local art store. It's the perfect size for 500/1000 puzzles, and you can lift up and put it aside when you need your table to eat on!

Dowdle puzzles are my FAVORITE. The quality is so good. We usually find them at Costco, but they sell on Amazon too!

So we have also been watching the Buffalo Bills play - 3 games together so far. The historic game against the Bengals with Damar Hamlin going into cardiac arrest. Damar, who makes me smile so big and has become the Buffalo Miracle. More on him in next week's blog post.

Then against the Bears (win) and Dolphins (not-so-easy-and-very-stressful-to-watch-but-we-won)

So #LETSGOBUFFALO next Sunday!

Answer on first image:

a reindeer!

xo have a great week!

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Roslind Sherman
Roslind Sherman
Jan 27, 2023

The foam art is beautiful ...It’s amazing how nature creates such visual treasures for us... I love to see the kids and Nanny having fun together... That’s such a super family picture, looks like that song "Happiness is">>>Your SMILING radiance is the perfect ending to your blog entry. With all that is happening around the world ...I tend always look for signs of HOPE and BEAUTY ...It is the only way to get through the journey... Thanks for sharing.

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