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Summer Blossoms

If you know me you know I am obsessed with color! Right now I feel that there are so many glorious flowers in bloom in every shade of pink and purple. Maybe it’s because I have more time this summer to notice during this time of pause we are in. Taking my daily neighborhood walks with Scout, puttering around the garden and just observing more than usual.

Lately I have been creating lots of small abstract art on paper choosing color palettes that inspired by all these florals that I see. The other day I spent the afternoon arranging all sorts of bouquets and also taking these photos (it felt like I was making art just doing this!)

"Purple Passion"

Scabiosa, petunia, sweet peas, lavender, love-in-the-mist and clematis

"Pale Beauties"

Matilija poppy, rose, sweet peas, sage and mandevilla

"Pink Explosion"

Rose, scabiosa, sweet peas, fuschia, succulent and abutilon

"Summer Blossom"

Rose, mandevilla, scabiosa, sweet peas, succulents and agapanthus

Finding these beautiful color palettes from the garden has given me so much inspiration to paint these little 5x7 mixed media on paper! Acrylics, Neo Colors, Stabilos, Inks and Pencils!

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