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Painting in progress. Feelings in progress.

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Art has grounded and guided me. I’ve painted through so many emotional moments and this past week has been no exception. I can often express myself better through painting over words.

The day after George Floyd was senselessly killed I woke up with a vision in my head of a painting, and each day since then I go into the studio and add another layer while listening to black leaders discuss how “we must and we can” collectively make a change this country. Yesterday Trevor Noah enlightened me with his message about power and looting, and Obama – just seeing and hearing him – gives me hope.

Here is a progression of what I've created so far in my new painting - "Rise Up"

I for one feel like I have lived in a white bubble all my life and that needs to change immediately. It starts with awareness, education and speaking out the truth. Having conversations with my boys, listening, staying aware and being present. I am still worried I may say the wrong thing, but if I speak from my heart and do my best then that is better than being silent.


Here is the link to the Trevor Noah message:

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